Friday, January 14, 2011


Hi folks. You'll have to bear with me as I get settled back in and get a rough approximation of my sched figured out. Recent Developments:

I decided, after great deliberations that when I return to Hamilton, I'd roll at a new club, Pura. Not a light decision. Actually, rather a heavy one. Why the change? I started with PJ (the guy at the helm), who I consider to be a good friend of mine. I'd always dug his game, and I wanted to see more of it. I'm only in Hamilton for 4 months, so the time for this is very finite.

Joslins, and all the people there, are still awesome. It will be a bummer to see these guys less.

Pura has been all Raindrops/lollypops. Very cool vibe, I love the instruction, and the people on the mats are great. It's fantastic to have a crowd of ass-whoopers like that, and have it all be sans ego. A fantastic group.

Lifting Heavy things!:
Terrible! Mohawk has the worst gym I've ever seen. I knew they didn't have a bar or squat rack of any type, but it has deteriorated beyond the acceptable point. I went today and managed to get a work out in, but it wasn't very satisfying. It's garbage, mostly just cattle equipment (treadmills, elipticals and the like,) broken/missing dumbells and 18 year olds doing bicep curls.

They are getting better equipment. Apparently someone ruined the Smith Machine (Thank you!) and they have decided to replace it with something useful. A rack and a bench-press. Unfortunately, I can't wait until mid March for it to come in.

I'm gonna get a YMCA membership and TRY to make it in. Proximity of the mohawk gym was what was going to make this do-able. I'm hoping I can still scam some time from my schedule to get under the bar.

Thoughts on leaving Ottawa:
I've beat it to death already, but I am going to miss those maniacs...

I didn't realize until training back at Pura how much RoninMMA had improved my game... I'm getting compliments on game "tightness." Awesome. The Ronin crew definately force a tight game...Be tight and technical, or they're gone.

Never thought of it at the time.

The strength training I did in Ottawa helped as will, I dare speculate. Grip strength has been noted by my new comrades.

Also, did some "from standing" recently. Felt wicked. Judo has done a ton for me. Can't really train it while I'm down here though...crappy...

And in other news:
I have a wicked, red beard. It's fantastic. Beards are fantastic. I'll never receed back to shaven-ness. Beard Power is Canada's greatest natural resource.


  1. I've often been tempted to experiment with facial hair, especially considering mine grows so damn fast anyway (Turkish genetics). However, practical considerations (i.e., girlfriend) means I doubt I ever will. I'll be interested to hear what Ashley thinks of the face fuzz. ;)

  2. Boooo on gym equipment!- I think the Y will be awesome. Maybe it was just a fluke that the 2-3 Y's that I've been to, has had an awesome group of Powerlifters or Oly Lifters hanging around. Can be very inspirational.

  3. Slidey:
    The beard's awesome, as I say. Ashley is supportive. she misses using my stubble as a scratching post, but otherwise it's no biggy. One Caveat: I have to keep the neck shaved. I was just letting it grow wild, but I develop this nasty looking "NeckStache" if I don't trim it. Rather gross.

    Liane: Went to the Y downtown. Not bad. It only had one squat rack, but seeing as few people much care for effective training these days, One is fine. Lots of bars, even some thick bars. Cool.

    The beard looks awesome when I squat though. Also matches my red Underarmor. I am now the crazy guy with the beard. I just need some vibrams.

  4. At least looking like the baddest bad *ss will allow you to hog the one squat rack! ;)

  5. hahah Slidey, "practical considerations (i.e., girlfriend)" - that's awesome.

    Yes, I was supportive once he actually started taking care of the thing. At the same time, it has been almost three weeks since I've seen it, so for all I know it is now nasty.