About the Calf

Hi! I’m the Calf. You can also call me John, but it lacks “ring.”

I’ve started blogging after being inspired by my Girlfriend and a few friends. I’ve actually thought about blogging for a while, but didn’t manage to get involved until now. I’m a cantankerous curmudgeon (despite being rather young) and simply avoid a lot of complicated aspects of modern life. Other peoples blogs entertain me, but I feel odd writting about myself. I still own a dumb phone. If I hadn’t broke the antenna off of my old (circa 2004) Samsung, I’d still use it.

Regardless, I’ve had some experiences across my Jiu Jitsu/Judo “Career,” and I can manage to write in a mostly-coherent manner. Thus, I may as well blog.

I’m still debating what level of information I want to reveal about myself, so you’ll have to bare with me as I figure this out.

As it sits, I’m a BJJ blue belt, currently training in Ottawa, ON at RoninMMA, and  a Judo Orange belt, training with Club de Judo Ginkgo.

I try to compete as much as I can, So if you frequent the tourneys in Southern ON, we’ve likely met. I’m the short guy with the blond hair.

My focus with the blog is -obviously- BJJ and Judo (also, strength training and bickering in general.) That being said, I’m not going to engage in detailing the moves that I train in a particular night. That’s not what interests me (as a subject of lengthy discourse, anyway.) I want to talk about more wide ranging, broad subjects. I want to talk about passion, competing, stuff that sucks, stuff that does not suck, people I have met, peaks, troughs. I’ve seen some things and thought about them a bit.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings and rants.

Oh! The name? It’s a nickname that is a twist on a previous nickname. Both playing on a mispronunciation of my actual name. The current iteration better communicates my style of rolling: War-like, but playfully so.