Monday, April 25, 2011

Leaving, again.

I've just had a morose hour of moping around and lamenting a few things about my immediate future.

I'm just sad that I'm leaving somewhere again.

Obviously, the move to another far-away city had long ago been planned. I knew I was going this route for a few years now. When I came back to Hamilton, and began training with the gang at Pura. This was still all a distant thing. It's now a rather near term reality.

I have had an excellent 4 months rolling at Pura. It has felt completely like home to me. I have always been lucky to train at a number of great clubs during my time doing jiu jitsu, but at Pura, I feel like I am honestly part of something that is getting better by the day.

There are no doubts in my mind about any aspect of Pura. PJs dedication, thought, and attention to every aspect of the organization makes the future look fan-effing-tastic. Everything is reviewed and evaluated. From business aspects, to how we train as a team, to the minutia of an individuals game, there was time and attention for all of it. There are such a myriad of good things happening.

It has been my honour to be a part of something that is growing, something that I know is going to be big. I hope I have contributed something of value, and I am proud that I've been given the chance on many occasions.

Although I am very sad to leave this club and these people, I look forward to visiting in the future and seeing how far they have all gone. I know, I have no doubts. Pura.

During the next month to 6 weeks I will be living Northwest of Kitchener with Ash, her brother and her Mom. I'm excited for this. I'm gonna be on a farm. I haven't managed to spend any amount of time on a farm since I was young and dumb. The opportunities are looking good out there, a good Lifting gym nearby, and Jiu jits is an hour away in Waterloo. I've also always got Ash. It's about time we live together again. Having her around will be the best part.

Sometime in June we'll be packing our bags and heading up to Thunder Bay. I'm gonna get my bachelor degree. It's a future full of uncertainty and possibility. It's gonna kick ass, actually.

Just wish I could take Pura with me.

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